About Us


it all started when...


Some dreams can come to life very quickly. Others take time.

The BreakRoom Café falls into the latter category. As part of a larger vision had by the folks who lead The Crossings Church, the concept that became The BreakRoom was originally imagined over 30 years ago. In 2015 that dream became a reality when the church moved into its permanent location in Winter Garden. With enough space to house a café, plans for The BreakRoom began to come together and in August of 2016 we opened our doors.

As a non-profit, outwardly focused coffee shop, The BreakRoom Café's sole purpose is to bring the community together and allow people to help each other by doing the most basic thing you do every day...drinking a cup of coffee. Ours is a donation based model which means customers get to decide their own cost. Our customer's generosity dictates our ability to help the under-resourced in the local area. (click here to see who we support)

Our motto is "whatever you can afford, whatever you feel is fair, or whatever is on your heart, we accept." There is no donation shaming at The BreakRoom Café! We are simply glad you are here to help us help others. 

We are also committed to partnering with locally owned businesses to provide our customers with the freshest and highest quality goodies. We currently partner with Douce France Bakery, Southern Belle's HomeMade, AntiquiTEAs and Axum coffee.